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Excellence Through Technique & Biomechanics
Every throws athlete aims to throw farther but how exactly do you throw farther?  Strength is just one factor - good technique is the key to adding distance to your throws.
The Southern Indiana Throws Club is a training resource for youth and collegiate throwers ages 10 and above who are serious about improving their performance and developing a better understanding of the technical skills needed to throw their personal best.
Join the Club for FREE
Membership to the club is FREE and any other costs will be related to equipment (as needed) and entry fees for meets. 

Our club will host meets throughout 2024. Club members can also participate in the 2024 Indiana Youth Track Assoc. USA Track and Field (USATF) Summer Series, USATF Junior Olympics and USATF Open and Masters events.

The Southern Indiana Throws Club participates in the USATF and Team USA's SafeSport program.


Weekly Throwing Sessions/Practices

Coach Kalvar works with each athlete to improve their technique in their chosen events. His proven program will be broken down into easy-to-understand steps that include drills and specific exercises to maximize their performance.


Technique Evaluations

Coach Kalvar will meet with an athlete one-on-one to evaluate and break down their technique and develop a plan to improve performance.

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