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Good place to order implements and equipment. They have smaller sized shots,

The VS logo brand implements are good quality.


Good place to find Polanik and ATE brand equipment.


Best place to find name brand throwing shoes at low prices. They carry a low end selection of implements.


Hand crafted leather hammer gloves. Custom colors are available; along with paracord and leather strap options.


Fast shipping and good customer service. This company supplies a lot of high schools throughout the country. I do not recommend their First Place discus brand - we have found them to be easily broken and rim weights vary from year to year.


Home of the "money ball" indoor weight. This is the brand that Deanna Price uses for the indoor weight throw. Hand crafted in Indiana. Very high quality equipment.


Another hand crafted hammer glove - comes with a fabric strap.


A small business out of California, they carry the Halo brand of hammers and the Lexcaliber chain hammers. They carry higher end implements.

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